Custom Orthotics

What Is Prescription Orthotics?

Shoe inserts are also known as (custom) prescription orthotics, and they provide comfort and correct pressure from your shoes as far as keeping your foot tissues and bones properly aligned. These inserts ensure that the foot is held in its most neutral position to prevent over-pronation and avoid breakdown of the overall foot structure.

The Reason Why Prescription Orthotics Is Better Than OTC

You should go the prescription instead of OTC route when buying orthotics. Avoid pharmacies and sport shops that sell shoe inserts that aren't individually customized or medically designed for your foot and your unique needs. Foot orthotics should only be custom-made for your feet, which is why the prescription route is the best route.

When getting a shoe insert customized, it involves doctor examination to determine what problems your foot or feet face. He then takes impressions or casts of your feet. Meanwhile, foot impressions are taken at your doctor's prescription then sent to a technician to custom-craft the best inserts for your shoes.

Choosing the Correct Orthotics for You

If you're an adult, you typically wear different footwear for different occasions or events: Like going home, to the gym, or on the job. There's no one-size-fits-all shoe insert that will give all-day foot control that's effective. You should make individual inserts for every shoe you have. Choose the ones that best fit your lifestyle, activities, and available shoes.

Prescription orthotics or shoe inserts are created for long-term pain relief, increased motion performance, and for more comfort, essentially. They also offer the foot support you require in order to go about an active lifestyle without wearing down your feet. If you want more information about this product, feel free to contact us and learn more about this particular medical tool.

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