Laser fungal removal

4/11/2017 Gift giver

How many sessions will the Groupon cover and what are your hours of operation

Hi gift giver First we need to confirm your fungal nail infection by sending a sample to be cultured. Then we go over all the options you have for fungal treatments. A lot of times if it's just one toe nail and it's fairly new, we try to treat it by topical antifungals. If the fungal infection is very severe and involves more than 2-3 toes per foot, most likely the laser by itself won't work. We usually recommend combination therapies such as topical and laser or topical and pill. We usually see better result after performing minimum of three laser treatments. Apparently, the fungal spores survive 180 degree of the heat and they can grow and reinfect the nail. For that purpose, we can not guarantee one session of laser can eradicate all the infection. Our Groupon only covers laser treatment of one session. But we give you discounted packages with free consultation once you make appointment with us.

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