A Breakthrough Neuropathy Treatment

If you're suffering from peripheral neuropathy, that means you have a nerve impairment complication caused by conditions such as diabetes. It includes numbness, burning, tingling, or pain in your hands or feet. Your motion and balance might be impaired by this disease as well. At time passes by, you might altogether lose your limb, but even before that happens, your quality of life will definitely suffer.

In order to deal with this issue, you might have to undergo MVT or MicroVascular Therapy (also known as MicroVAS Therapy). It's a unique therapeutic technique and new mode of physical medicine to address your neuropathy issues. It's a pain-free and noninvasive procedure to boot. Around 85% of MVT patients have undergone improved sensation and decreasing pain after treatment, plus half of the patients ended up with fully restored foot function.

How MVT Works

MVT is used strategically by placing electrode pads in pairs that are diametrical in order to ensure a deeply penetrating and calming waveform that might pass entirely through your limb or some other body part. You can use in tandem up to eight pad pairs simultaneously in order to create a continuous pumping sensation that will improve blood circulation and further ensure that your pain is getting healed.

As for the technical details of MVT, the MicroVAS Therapy makes use of ionic impulses in order to make sure that your blood flow output is increased significantly while also inducing neuromuscular stimulation at the same time, specifically of your venous muscle pump, which should then improve your metabolic processes.

Your blood's oxygen levels will then start to rise. Angiogenesis (a process wherein new blood vessels will begin to grow) and neurogenesis (a process wherein new nerve tissue will begin to grow) will also be induced. Your body will be physically restored thanks to this cumulative process that requires repeated treatments with proven long-lasting effects.

When Should You Undergo MicroVAS Therapy?

If you're suffering from the following neuropathy symptoms, you might require MicroVAS in order to address your peripheral neuropathy issues:

  • Your feet and legs have brief, tingling, burning, sharp, and stabbing pain.
  • You're clumsier than usual because your balance has altogether deteriorated.
  • Your feet has sensations so painful, you have trouble sleeping.
  • To some degree, your feet and toes feel a bit numb.
  • When you're barefooted, you feel like you're walking on gravel.
  • An ulcer on your leg or foot is difficult to heal due to poor circulation.
  • You require sleeping medication because of your foot pain.
  • When you stand, your feet turn purple and swell altogether.
  • Because of your foot pain, your quality of life has significantly deteriorated.

MicroVAS Therapy is one of the more cost-effective methods of therapy as well as superior to many traditional methods of dealing with peripheral neuropathy. Medicare and most insurance providers have coverage for this procedure. This is a 45-minute-long treatment done 3 times a week. 30 to 90 days is the whole treatment cycle for MVT.

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