What Is The Recommended Frequency Of Replacing Orthotics?

One of the most powerful and effective treatments we have is custom orthotics. In the absence of effective foot inserts that realign the feet of a skeletal system and eliminate common causes of foot pain, so many of the foot problems in our lives can be traced to the poor biomechanical alignment of the feet and legs.

Another big advantage over store-bought inserts is the durability of custom orthotics, aside from their enormous success rates. Where cheap foam or gel insoles might be reduced to shreds after a couple of months, custom orthotics—with a little bit of care—can last a year or more in the case of those made from softer materials, or several years in the case of more rigid orthotics.

When should you replace your orthotics? Orthotics can have a long lifespan depending on a variety of factors, including the materials, how often you use them, how much weight you are, etc. It is important to remember that orthotics can sometimes be adjusted or refurbished rather than replaced outright. They should also be periodically reevaluated to ensure they remain effective.

Due to this, we strongly encourage you to get your orthotics checked by our office at least once per year. It is important to go to yearly evaluations of devices, even if they are expected to last three to five years. This allows us to identify and fix any issues early.

In order to help you, we have provided some additional questions to help you determine when it is time for your orthotics to be replaced or tuned up:

What lifestyle changes have you experienced? Remember that custom orthotics were designed for a specific reason and time period, such as correcting biomechanical issues with the way you walk. You may need to change your orthotics if you experience major body changes such as pregnancy, surgery, or weight gain or loss.

Does the surface show any signs of damage or cracks? Hard orthotics should be replaced if the shell is cracked, the sole is worn down, pieces are falling off, etc. Do-it-yourself fixes will not suffice.

Are you experiencing foot pain? When your orthotics no longer alleviate your pain the way they once did, it's a good indication that something has changed-either the orthotics have broken down, or your feet or gait have changed.

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