The Orthotics: What You Need to Know

Custom orthotics provide your feet with the exact cushioning and support they need to alleviate heel pain and other issues caused by abnormal foot structures.

As an example, imagine you were wedged with a napkin beneath a wobbly table in the past. Custom orthotics are nothing more than a napkin wedged underneath the short leg of that table.

Designed to fit only one pair of feet, custom orthotic inserts are prescribed for each pair. The materials used and the amount of them are carefully selected, often down to a millimeter. We take a mold or scan of the feet, then order custom orthotics suited to each patient's specific needs and foot shape.

A custom orthotic can properly redistribute weight across the feet and shift excess pressure away from vulnerable areas that were under strain by adjusting for abnormalities in foot structure and gait. It is much less likely that conditions such as Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis will recur in the future because they have a better opportunity to heal.

Long-Term Success with Custom Orthotics

After some time, your feet may need to adjust to custom orthotics as we see how they respond to them. Some custom orthotics require a "break-in" period before they are fully felt. Custom orthotics, however, can make all the difference for those who can wear them!

It is important to remember that we mentioned earlier that a structural abnormality in the feet can be corrected by a little short of surgical intervention, so this difference becomes all the more evident if a patient stops wearing their orthotics. As for custom orthotics, unfortunately, they cannot provide a permanent correction either.

One of the first questions we ask after a patient returns with heel pain symptoms is whether she stopped wearing her orthotics. The answer is almost always yes.

Unless the answer is yes, chances are their existing custom orthotics have worn out to the point where they are no longer effective.

Several insurance plans provide a free pair of orthotics each year for patients who require regular refurbishment and replacement of custom orthotics. You have no reason not to get another free pair of shoes for other shoes you own even if your current pair still works fine (most are durable enough to last up to a couple of years or longer).

You Can Get Relieved Heel Pain Here

We may consider stretching, lifestyle changes, and even advanced laser therapy in addition to or instead of custom orthotics for heel pain.

We will never recommend heel pain treatment in any case until we have examined your condition thoroughly and learned as much as possible about how your symptoms are impacting your life. It's important to us that we get it right the first time for you.

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