Sports Medicine: What Does It Mean?

A sports medicine healthcare provider may be recommended to treat your child if he or she is injured while exercising, playing a sport, or doing any type of physical activity.

Sport medicine specialists' background

In order to help injured patients get moving again as soon as possible, sports medicine healthcare providers have special training in restoring function. In addition to treating professional athletes, sports medicine healthcare providers also treat children, teens, and adults who exercise for personal fitness. They are also experts in preventing illness and injury in active people. They also treat workers who do physical labor, such as those in construction.

The profession of sports medicine is not a specialty by itself. Many sports medicine providers have a medical degree in internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine, or another specialty and then receive additional training. Some are board-certified in pediatrics or family medicine with additional training in sports medicine. They treat injuries in children and teens, whose bodies can differ drastically from those of adults. Most orthopedic surgeons are also trained in sports medicine, although not all.

Other experts outside of the healthcare field can be consulted by sports medicine healthcare providers:

  • Rehabilitation and recovery from injuries are the main duties of physical therapists.
  • An athletic trainer is an individual who provides rehabilitation exercise routines in order to help patients regain strength. They also develop conditioning programs to prevent future injuries.
  • A nutritionist can provide dietary advice that can improve a person's physical function by helping them lose or gain weight.

Sports medicine specialists should be seen for the following reasons

Sports medicine healthcare providers may treat your child for injuries such as:

  • Suspension of the ankle
  • A fractured bone
  • Injuries to the knees and shoulders
  • A tendon injury
  • Asthma induced by exercise
  • Illness caused by heat
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Disorders related to eating
  • The injury to the cartilage

Healthcare providers specializing in sports medicine can also provide nutrition advice, supplements, exercise recommendations, and injury prevention recommendations.

The best time to contact a healthcare provider specializing in sports medicine

The best thing to do if your child has a serious injury during exercise or sports is to go to the hospital right away. A major injury is manifested by severe pain, swelling, numbness, and the inability to put weight on the injured area. Don't wait to seek care from a sports medicine specialist. You may wish to ask your child's healthcare provider for a referral if none of these symptoms are present.

An injury sustained during sports usually does not require surgery. If surgery is needed to fix torn tissue or realign bones, pain relievers, ice, and keeping the injured area immobilized may be needed.

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