My Feet and Skiing: How Dangerous Is It?

Despite its high thrills and enjoyment, skiing does come with some high risks, especially to the feet and ankles, which account for 37% of ski-related injuries.

Skier’s Toe (Subungual Hematoma)

You can develop a subungual hematoma if your ski or snowboard boots are too tight or too short in the toe box. A bruise under a toenail can result in painful pressure building up and cause the nail to appear black. Using properly padded socks and allowing enough room in your boot's toe box can prevent this from happening.


It is also possible for tight boots to cause neuromas, particularly in the toe box. Injuries to the nerve between the third and fourth toes of the foot can cause pain, tingling, and eventual numbness. Make sure your boots and bindings allow enough room for your toes to spread out and feel comfortable.

Ankle Sprains

Even with heavy boots and high boots necessary for skiing and snowboarding, it is still possible to sprain an ankle, which is a common winter sports injury. When the skier lands on the outside of their foot, a sprain occurs when the foot is twisted or bent inward. The nature of skis allows for a sideways twist, while snowboard configurations do not. This is why skiers are more likely to suffer sprains. Additionally, ankle sprains can be caused by improperly fitted boots with gaps around the ankle.


Despite not being the most serious of injuries, a painful blister in the wrong place can ruin your skiing day. Be sure your boots are comfortable and don't rub anywhere. Avoid borrowing boots from friends and test rentals before you head out on the slopes. Boots that are too tight or incorrectly shaped can cause sores, bruises, and blisters.


Skiing and snowboarding can result in foot and ankle fractures that are more serious. It is common for these to happen when people, objects, or jumps and tricks are unsuccessful. Excessively tight bindings and boots can also increase your chances of breaking your bones.

It doesn't matter if you suffer from one of these injuries, you can still ski at your favorite winter spot. Before starting out ski season, make sure you wear the right gear, choose your slopes wisely, and visit your podiatrist beforehand for an evaluation of your feet and ankles to ensure that your feet and ankles are in good shape.

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Thursday, November 17, 2022