Is It Time To Replace Your Running Shoes?

Your shoes are the most important piece of equipment you need regardless of the type of exercise you do. We support you no matter if you are running a race, playing soccer, or doing cross-fit. Essentially, they've got you covered.

Because of this, it's essential to consider the most important components when deciding if your shoes need to be replaced.

You should be aware of the following:

  • Does the outsole (tread) appear worn out? Basically, your shoes are done and dusted when they look like this.
  • Your main technology is located in the midsole, which compresses with use. Can it bounce back after being cracked all over? What is the bounce rate?
  • What is the feel of the upper on your foot? Is it snug or is it stretched out and sloppy?
  • Your shoes' age is also important to consider.

Around the 6- to 8-month mark, we recommend you check your shoes. Even if they have been sitting in the cupboard for quite some time you should replace them if they have been there more than 12 months. Shoe shelf lives are also finite.

If your shoes are old and worn out, or if they don't fit your foot type, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to injury.

Your motivation is at its highest when you don't want to suffer any kind of setback!

As a preventative measure, make sure these key elements are followed up on. By doing so, you can make your own schedule and schedule what time works best for you.

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Friday, June 17, 2022