Getting Rid Of Heel Pain With Custom Orthotics

Heel pain can have many causes, and there are many ways to treat it, depending on the condition and the patient. In fact, custom orthotics are not uncommon in many successful treatment plans.

To say that custom orthotics can cure every case of heel pain is not to say that they are a panacea. The use of custom orthotics for heel pain is only effective in certain circumstances, as with other forms of heel pain treatment. If these situations are properly addressed, patients are often astonished by the relief they receive overtime.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics?

A custom orthotic is primarily designed to correct structural issues in the foot that might be contributing to heel pain and other symptoms.

Many cases of heel pain are caused, at least partially, by structural abnormalities in the foot. Some cases are the result of overuse or trauma while others are due to structural abnormalities. Another way to say it is that S=something is "wrong" about the foot structure that causes stress or strain in a certain part of the foot, resulting in heel pain as a symptom.

Imagine your foot as a table. With a piece perfectly made to specification, you have a stable piece that evenly distributes weight. It is possible, however, that if a part of the structure is off (for example, one of the legs is just a bit too short), the piece can become unstable, and it will bear more weight than was planned.

Weight can become improperly distributed across the feet as a result of structural abnormalities in the feet, such as flat feet or high arches. A strain occurs when stress builds upon parts of the feet that are not conditioned to handle it well.

In addition, these structural variations can cause us to subconsciously change our gait (i.e. how we walk) in an effort to improve our stability. All parts of the body are connected when we move, so such adjustments can not only lead to heel pain, but also pain in the legs, knees, hips, and lower back.

The chances of you inheriting flat feet, high arches, or other structural abnormalities are high. In order to remove them, you would need to undergo surgical correction, which isn't always possible.

Nonetheless, custom orthotics can help alleviate the discomfort such conditions can cause.

Orthotics: How they Work

Foot structure and gait abnormalities contribute to heel pain and other issues caused by custom orthotics. In order to accomplish this, they provide specific amounts of cushioning and support according to the needs of your feet.

Recall the wobbly table from earlier. As if you were wedging a napkin beneath the short table leg, but much more precise and effective!

Each pair of custom orthotic inserts is made specifically for one pair of feet. We order custom orthotics based on the foot molds or scans taken of each patient's feet. Material types and quantities are carefully chosen, sometimes to the millimeter.

A custom orthotic can adjust for abnormalities in foot structure and gait to redistribute weight evenly and shift excess pressure away from the areas that were under strain. In addition to a better chance of healing, conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis are less likely to recur in the future.

The Long-Term Benefits of Custom Orthotics

It is often necessary for custom orthotics to go through a "break-in" period before they are fully effective, and we may make some minor adjustments to them as we observe how your feet react to them over time. Wearing custom orthotics can make all the difference for those who can benefit from them!

When a patient stops wearing their orthotics, the difference becomes even more apparent. Do you remember that a little short surgical intervention can correct structural abnormalities of the feet? Unfortunately, custom orthotics are not going to offer permanent relief either.

There have been a fair number of patients who have returned to us with heel pain symptoms long after their initial treatment. One of the first questions we ask is, β€œDid you stop wearing your orthotics? Most people reply, β€œYes.”

Chances are if the answer isn't yes, their current pair of custom orthotics have worn out to the point that they are no longer effective.

Having your custom orthotics regularly refurbished and replaced will improve their effectiveness. A free pair of orthotics is provided by many insurance plans each year. There is no reason not to get another free pair for other shoes you own, even if your current pair still works (many of them are durable enough to last for a couple of years).

Get the Heel Pain Relief You Need

Heel pain can be treated with custom orthotics. Stretching, lifestyle changes and advanced laser therapy are all possible alternatives to orthotics, in addition to or instead of orthotics.

No recommendation for heel pain treatment will be made until we have thoroughly examined your condition and learned as much as we can about the impact your symptoms are having on your life. Whenever possible, we try to get the right treatment course for you the first time.

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