Custom Orthotics

The Bottom Line Regarding Prescription Orthotics

Orthotics with prescription are customizable shoe inserts that are crafted in accordance to the size and shape of the client's foot. It's used for pressure correction and tension release on your foot so that you won't end up worsening or developing foot problems. It even helps in leg and foot bone alignment. Orthotics ensures correction foot position in its most neutral point so that breakdown of the foot structure and excessive pronation is prevented.

The Reason Why Prescription Orthotics Is Better Than OTC

OTC shoe inserts can damage instead of prevent foot damage. Prescription orthotic products are obviously better because they're made to custom-fit your feet or your shoes. Ordering prescribed orthotics involves the podiatrist making a cast of your feet and then the crafter creating inserts based on that cast and your existing shoes. Mass-produced shoe inserts are a no-no. You don't want to end up with badly fitting inserts that will aggravate your foot diseases.

You should customize your inserts in accordance to what kind of feet you have. Orthotics customization involves doctor examinations to see what kind of maladies requires biomechanical correction. Once a diagnosis is filled, he'll send a cast or impression of your feet along with his analysis to a technician, who'll then proceed to create the right type of form-fitting orthotics for your feet and your shoes.

Picking the Right Orthotics for You

Different events or activities require different shoes. Some shoes are for casual wear, running, weight lifting, and office work. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, footwear-of-all-seasons shoe, and neither is there a one-size-fits-all, universally compatible shoe insert. There should be individual inserts for each shoe catering to a certain foot type and lifestyle.

Customized prescription orthotics is made for pain relief, better performance, increased mobility, and comfort. These products are quite handy as foot support as well. If you want to release or alleviate existing or potential foot pain because you have a super-active, athletic lifestyle, consider getting inserts to protect your feet. To avoid foot injuries and possible amputation, then buy the right orthotics for you. Feel free to contact us too in regards to this offering.

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Friday, October 15, 2021